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OH MAN..i want to go to OZZFEST 2001 so bad....i should just buy tickets and then just see who would want to go...that would be so awesome..i'm like all excited and i don;t even have tickets yet..calm down! IT WOULD BE SO COOL! I haven;t been to anything big since WOODSTOCK 99' and that was pretty rowdy but i need to do it again. GEtting psyched maybe it will happen!!
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Yeah right


April 20 2001, 09:59:52 UTC 17 years ago

Ozzfest tickets are sold out and there isn't much of a way to score some unless you pay scalper prices.
well it might very well be possible...when you know someone who has a ticket for you!! ROCK ON! but i'm not getting my hope's just yet..i just found out today i could be going! SWEET