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sam_09's Journal

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9 April
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i will start by saying i'm a misunderstood soul..everyone and myself included do not understand me. i can be unpredictable...and impulsive...i don;t know if that's good or bad. i love activity...and having fun! But i also am independent and can be content with being alone and doing things on my own...but i'd prefer a partner if ya know what i mean. Taking risks is something that turns me on...but it all depends on your attitude. I'm very passionate about things i love and people i love..i take romantic love seriously and think it should be a spirtitual exchange as well as physical. Goffiness keeps me sane..i don't know what i would do without laughter as well as music and movies...I will be most happy with someone who understands and appreciates my often misunderstood soul.....and truly loves me.

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