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HI! i yawn for the hundredth time today. feeling very tired..for no reason really..ahwell. there i go again yamning..geez. Went to the petoskey casino today...only spent about 20 bucks and i won 96...i was quite happy with that i never win there. Didn't plan on going there today it jsut kinda happened...but it was profitable..saw some people i know...ate lunch was surprisingly good too.
saw this really smelly guy with like 2-3 buckets full of 1 dollar tokens...went to use the machine next to him and he was like "uh some one is sitting there" like people really save seats in casinoes...whatever. I think it would be so cool to go to Vegas at least once in my life...see what it's really like. "Excitement" yippee. No offense to the ones around here...but com'on.

went to see my older sis...she just bought a house...she's got two cute little dogs..lab puppies...awwwwwwwww!!! she lives in a nice Sterling Heights. pretty cool part of michigan. oh my god...saw this guy at this gas station the last night we were there..he gets outta the car...and they play hip hop shit outside this marathon you know..well he starts jirating on his bumber and were sitting at the pump right across from him..pointed in his direction...and he starts goin at it..dancin up a storm..well were already laughing at him and then he starts to straddle the hose..i felt sorry for the girl that was in his car...he seen us eventually and turned completely was just too of them moments you had to see. I mean how many times in your life are you gonna see some crazy fool dancin at a it's saturday night at the club, while he's doing something everyone does..pumping gas. ha ha ha ha h ah ..
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