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sometimes i feel like my heart's gotten the shit kicked out of it.........and taken for a ride through come so many people have things so is just given to them..unconditionally without any insecurities??? one of my friends..sent me a invitation to her bridal shower..guess she's found her true happiness..i'm really happy for her but at the same time just a little jealous..cause she has true love, something that some people search forever for...and she's so young. guess i should be grateful that i still have the chance to find that..and that i can be independent and find ways to support myself until then. What am i talking about who wants to be alone...and starving for affection.?? it sucks..
a person doesn't know what loneliness realy is until they've loved someone...i'm only truly happy when i know i'm truly cared for by someone special and loved...otherwise i'm a miserable soul finding ways to be content. Most of all people want to be understood and appreciated.
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